My tinnitus used to wake me up at the beginning of the night 4 to 5 times per week. I could not get a restful sleep.


Within 3-4 sessions of CranioSacral Therapy, I really saw an improvement of my symptoms in frequency and intensity: tinnitus would only happen at the end of the night, and went from 4 to 2 times a week. I could finally sleep better. After a few more sessions, I reached another plateau, the tinnitus was nearly gone.  

Along with the improvement of my symptoms, every session would bring an intense relaxation, allowing me to recharge and let go, something I normally find very hard to do. In itself, it justifies a session with Sonia!

​I was impressed that Sonia could pinpoint a link between my stomach and tinnitus or an old fall on my head without me mentioning it. I believe this therapy is really suited to help with chronic issues, which need long-term personalized treatments that embrace the whole body. 



I wanted to discover CranioSacral Therapy and to see if it could help me with my chronic back pain. The first treatments helped me to be more in touch with my own body. I realized I had been in pain for a long time and it was not acceptable. With this new awareness, I undertook a multi-disciplinary approach to get rid of my back pain, and it worked.

Sonia's touch is extraordinary. She's professional, passionate about her work and knows how to make you comfortable. She will work with the whole body to understand where the pain is coming from. 

Her sessions are addictive because you feel so much better afterwards. I highly recommend this therapy to anyone suffering from chronic pain or other physiologic issues like sleep disorders. 

William, 41

My goal was to get rid of tensions in my neck and behind my ears. When I came for the first session, I was going through a phase of intense stress and felt very depressed. 

The first session was the first day on my way to emotional and physical recovery. It helped me realize how much pain my body was going through from my psychological issues. Sonia is a good professional and can really listen, without playing psychologist. 

Every session is a privileged time to be with my body with the help of the therapist, to take time to listen to it and let it express the tensions. Afterwards, I always feel a general well-being, I am lighter and at peace. ​

Rana, 40

When I came for my first session with Sonia, I had been suffering for 18 months from an acute pain behind my ear. It would happen about once or twice weekly and could last a few hours. I had seen ENT and neurologist but the treatments didn't work. 


With this very gentle, slow and deep therapy, I instantly felt better. After 2 sessions, the pain was gone. 


I was curious to try Craniosacral Therapy and didn’t have physical issues, except muscle tensions in the neck and shoulder from intense sport practice. 

I really felt my body reacting and rebalancing under Sonia’s gentle touch. As if she was taking off a pebble blocking the river, and the stream could now flow freely.

The 2 sessions were really beneficial. I felt totally balanced and my muscle tensions were gone. 

Even if you don’t have any physical problem, I really recommend Craniosacral Therapy: for a healthful living, to take a break to restore your inner balance, to strengthen emotionally and physically. 

Thomas, 31 

I wanted to see if Craniosacral Therapy could help me with chronic migraines. I’ve had them about twice a month for 5 years, apparently from high level of stress. 


At each session, my migraine and strong nausea would be less intense and frequent. After 5 treatments, I was nearly migraine free. This problem had plagued me for a long time and I didn’t know how to get rid of it. 


Along with the therapy, all the advice and tips on breathing and relaxation were a valuable help. It enabled me to deal with stress in a healthier way. This therapy really helped me to identify where and why things were blocked in my body and to efficiently release it.  


Diagnosed with Meniere disease, I was suffering from vertigo, balance problems, nausea, tinnitus, ear loss and heavy fatigue.


After months of medical treatment, I didn’t feel much improvement.  I started to research other treatments and find out about Craniosacral Therapy. 

Sonia worked very gently on the neck, cranium, hips and lower back. After the first session, I felt much more balanced in my body. After another couple of treatments, my symptoms disappeared one after the other.  


My goal was to prepare my body for an IVF.


During the session, I always feel a deep relaxation, which oftens leads to a nap on the massage table ! I might also get a short breath for a few seconds which, I feel, is a sign of my body reacting to the treatment. After the sessions, I can be very tired and also very relaxed. The following days I feel good physically and emotionally. 

The state of general well-being (I would even say bliss!) I experienced with the sessions before the insemination have been an invaluable help to get a successful result at our very first IVF. 



I have chronic migraines and back pain. My sessions with Sonia are always a big time for me to relax and let go. Sonia is warm and genuinely takes time to listen.


I felt the benefits from CranioSacral Therapy from day one with sensations of softening, warmth, relaxation and general well-being. 


I came to my first session out of curiosity for this therapy. At that time, I was emotionally very tensed, which always translates in pains in my left arm. During the session, I felt an intense relaxation and fell asleep. A couple of days after, my arm andd shoulder softened, my body felt lighter and pain-free. 


I really recommend this therapy to anyone looking for a new way to release tensions and blockages and to rebalance its body. Sonia is a good professional with strong listening skills, a soft and precise touch working with a very effective therapy.