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Stress, migraine, chronic pain: try a gentle manual therapy that releases tensions in the central nervous system, so that every other system in your body can relax and self-correct. Read more




Chronic neck  

and back pain

Hi, I'm Sonia. I am French, I trained in Asia, and practice a modality developed in the US: Craniosacral Therapy. 

I am certified by the Upledger Institute, the leading training and research body for this therapy.

I look forward to welcoming you in my treatment room in the Western Paris area.  


At each session, my migraine and strong nausea would be less intense and frequent. After 5 treatments, I was nearly migraine free. This problem had plagued me for a long time. Read more.


Her sessions are addictive because you feel so much better afterwards. I highly recommend this therapy to anyone suffering from chronic pain or other physiologic issues like sleep disorders. Read more.


The first session was the first day on my way to emotional and physical recovery. It helped me realize how much pain my body was going through from my psychological issues. Read more.


Along with the improvement of my symptoms, every session would bring an intense relaxation, allowing me to recharge and let go, something I normally find very hard to do. Read more.